Pypette app for Procurement.
Savings Pipeline and Performance Management made simple.


Lightweight. Lightning quick roll-out and adoption by your company's procurement department.

Powerful. More than 20 reports and graphs to choose from on the dashboard. Real-time.

Affordable. No heavy and expensive sourcing suites needed. Lives in the cloud with maximum data-security.

What is Pypette?

Pypette is a unique SaaS application that enables procurement organisations and communities to track and monitor their project and savings pipeline and all major procurement activities, visualize their savings projects and identify performance gaps.

Expensive vertically integrated sourcing suites are bloated and hard to configure to provide the necesssary reports. In contrast, Pypette comes with full transparency and real-time dashboard of all the important metrics, out of the box.

We think that category and sourcing managers should not be spending their time with unnecessary and redundant reporting, while procurement leaders would rather concentrate on strategy creation and stakeholder relationships than trying to manually squeeze data out of existing systems and interpret those.

The fundamental design principle of Pypette is therefore to absolutely minimize the required data fields and maximize the resulting data analysis and number of reports. There are no nice-to-have data record requests in Pypette.

What Pypette is:

What Pypette is NOT:

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Pypette Whitepapers

There are two valuable resources available upon registration that explain Pypette app in detail and provides you with a comprehensive Return-of-Investment calculation.

Pypette Whitepaper

Pypette ROI Whitepaper

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No desktop installation required. No integration required to existing systems. Time-consuming reporting is over, Pypette replaces the usual periodical activity reports. Pypette is simple, intuitive, easy to use and responsive. Your colleagues will love it, you can achieve very high adoption rate really fast.

Pypette is not opinionated about the sourcing workflow, it does not want to enforce any sourcing process, you can continue using your well established working practices. Pypette only focuses on the 3 major sourcing outputs: sourcing projects, RfX’s and Contracts. Works alongside any sourcing suite but does not require one to function. No heavy data input: we carefully selected only those data types that are absolutely needed. Under normal circumstances, contributors only need to spend literally 5 minutes per week to update their latest status.

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Pypette is a tool that is made by procurement people for procurement people. It is responsive, it works on all devices. Its always-on real-time dashboard provides instant analytics on various angles of the procurement function.

Pypette is able to forecast and predict your annual savings performance through a patent pending state-of-the-art algorithm. Pypette provides more than 20 different types of analytics on:

  • Pipeline analytics
  • RFX analytics
  • Weekly status progress and evolutions
  • Individual and team performance
  • Workload analyis
  • ...and many more!

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  • No heavy and expensive sourcing suites needed
  • Lives in the cloud with maximum data-security
  • Quick to implement, off-the-shelf tool, carefully crafted to suit most procurement departments
  • Affordable also for small sourcing teams/mid-sized companies
  • Avoid customization trap - no hidden upgrade and integration costs

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Start absolutely free of charge. No credit cards needed. If you like it, you can pay as-you-go or select a lower price for a longer commitment.

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Pypette is a service by Ocure Analytics Inc., a dedicated team of procurement professionals. Want to see Pypette in action? Contact us and we will be happy to give you a demo and talk you through the details.

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